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Cody Park Rebuild Project

The Community of North Platte has come together to present a Vision for the Cody Park Rebuild Project, featuring a multi-sport design with 10 dedicated Pickleball courts and 8 Tennis Courts.

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About theProject

North Platte Pickleball, the City of North Platte & our community are working together to rebuild Cody Park Tennis Courts. A multi-sport design with dedicated pickleball courts and tennis courts. Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation will be adminstering the fund that is dedicated to providing financial support for the Cody Park Rebuild Project. Additional grants and fundraising efforts are being worked on, along with the support from our local businesses who strive to meet the continual growth and needs for affordable family recreation for North Platte and the surrounding areas.

North Platte Pickleball has grown from 12 members in 2019 to over 125 members in 2022 and 180 members in 2023. Fortunately, the Memorial Park Pickleball Court project in 2021 has been outgrown by the Pickleball community in North Platte. In order to keep the growth of the sport and the tournaments that are currently being hosted in North Platte, additional courts are needed, thus providing an economic boost into the community through sports tourism.

*Preliminary design. Actual design may differ slightly.

The Design